IDIS Tablet style digital signage displays

IDIS series digital signage display is a vertical big size advertising monitor for advertising, electronic menus, and schedules. Digital advertising and information systems constantly replace traditional print media - billboards, posters and lightboxes. It is profitable and convenient to upgrade information on the IDIS digital signage display with of USB flash in digital media player or using PC via the Internet in a few minutes.It takes a few minutes to update information 100, 500 and even 5000 digital LCD screens with Internet .

Installing IDIS digital display is very simple – just clip it on a floor stand, or hang on the wall (depending on model), and plug it in. Display advertising is ready to go! IDIS is ideal for installation in supermarkets, department stores, exhibition halls and shopping malls, as well as banks, gyms, train/bus stations and stops, real estate agencies, hospitals, museums, exhibition halls, cinemas, conference halls, hotel lobbies and waiting rooms.

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IDIS Tablet style digital signage displays

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Digital signage Commercial Display IDIS-215

Dekart IDIS-215 is a 22 inches universal digital multimedia Commercial Display display. The device is specifically designed for displaying advertising information, schedules of events, restaurant and café menu LCD board. This model provides the ability to mount your digital display on a vertical surface in both landscape (vertical) and portrait (horizontal) position. Bright slides, videos, or scro..


Digital digital signage display IDIS-320

Digital digital signage display IDIS-320 allows you to quickly and effectively display advertising information to the target audience due to the high brightness and contrast of the 32 inch screen. Digital Commercial Display IDIS -320 has a built-in digital signage media player with support of slides and GIF/JPG/PNG images, AVI/MPG/MOV Full HD videos, as well as FLAC and MP3 audio. It is possible t..


Digital signage Electronic idis IDIS-420

Professional 42" Dekart LCD IDIS IDIS-420 have integrated advertising media player. The model have big screen size and is suitable for use as an advertising screen in the elevator, as a digital display LCD display in supermarkets and clothing stores, as well as a great promotional display in hotels, bars and restaurants. 42 inch screen size allows to display advertisements and videos in high ..


LCD digital display for digital signage IDIS-550

Professional LCD display IDIS-550 with big LED screen of 55 inches is a commercial monitor with built-in ad player in a designer metal housing with glass. IDIS plays full-screen presentations, videos, graphic files, music MP3. Digital display is a reliable and versatile device, as it allows you to display dynamic content both in the vertical and horizontal placement. Showing media files starts wh..


65 inch A great IDIS IDIS-650

IDIS-650 — interactive idis related to the category of universal ad screens with a large 65 inch advertising dispaly and media player for advertising. It is designed to reproduce vivid messages, advertisements, and can be placed at the point of sale, halls of hotels, exhibition halls, i.e., in all places of the big congestion of people. Key features of electronic digital signage display IDIS..



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IDIS Digital Signage display includes a professional commercial LCD screen with LED backlight technology, and modern "Plug & Play” FullHD media player with USB port. This means that advertising display does not require any additional devices such as a computer or DVD player. Open the lock, connect a USB flash with videos and pictures, and connect the monitor power plug. Display will start to show promotional videos and slide shows automatically. Network version with remote control via LAN or Internet is also available. Integrated solid state media player works without moving parts, so it is not clogged with dust and does not break. The player supports almost all multimedia file formats and outputs image in Full HD quality. Digital LCD display operates autonomously, but can also be combined with a variety of digital signage systems in complex combinations, such as a synchronous operation across the network, with camera, etc. Information, images, video, or multimedia applications may be interleaved in accordance with the schedule. See our blog for application eaxmples.