Dekart Digital is one of the professional manufacturers of LCD and LED equipment in China. Dekart has 6 functional areas: Development Department, Procurement Division, own production, quality control services, the Finance Department, Sales Department.
More than 250 employees work in the 3,000 square meters of the plant, providing a monthly production capacity of up to 15 000 units. Supports creative development, hardware upgrades and maintenance efficiency of production facilities. Our products are widely used in finance, in government, in the services sector and hotels, transport and real estate, in various industries, and successfully exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Digital Signage Players and advertising

Since 1998, Dekart Digital produces LCD displays, monitors and TVs for digital signage and advertising. Our customers appreciate our quality and low prices, we amaze wholesalers. Since 2005, we have our own manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, where we make all our equipment.
In the Digital Signage, you can see our design - advertising displays, advertising digital signage screen, advertising player, video walls, interactive kiosks, interactive touchscreen tables, kiosks, advertising LCD video displays, information kiosks (infomats), video projection screens. The bulk of production - this LCD Digital Photo Frame for advertising, LED displays for advertising and promotional video players for building and transport.


Any production is high and low season. Most of the year, our factory is fully occupied by the production of LCD displays and LED products. However, there are periods of low demand. At this time, we use the resource of the plant for the production of dummy cameras. Exact copies of CCTV Cameras are very popular to increase security. Some cameras in our factory and office are made on our work;)

LED LED lighting

Dekart Digital is developing dynamically in the field of LED lighting since 2011. Since the purchase of the first equipment for the production of LED lamps. Supply LED lamps and fixtures occurs through the major European centers with a developed partner network throughout the territory of the European Union and the United States. Over the years, with LEDs, we have a team of professionals, constantly improve the knowledge and adopting the latest technologies in the production of LED products.
What we offer? The new generation of LED lighting with a wide range of applications. LED lighting for homes, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, public and administrative buildings, hospitals, schools, gas stations, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, gyms and stadiums, lawns, garages and parking lots, signage shops and commercial buildings.

What we value customers?

Impeccable quality and at least 1 year warranty on all products
Environmentally friendly materials and can be recycled 100%
A wide range of products and optimal delivery conditions
The ability to design and manufacture custom-made products
Attractive and reliable environment for partners and distributors
Professional attitude and responsibility for each step

Our results

Year Established: 2006
Number of employees: 267
Managers: 20
Techniques: 12
Quality control: 23
Average sales: USD 18,000,000
Production capacity: 15,000 pcs. / Month
Factory Area: 3000 sq.m.
Manufacturing: LCD advertising displays, advertising player, digital signage screen, dummy cameras, LED lighting