Dekart INKO touchscreen Information kiosks are used as an electronic catalog, reference systems, electronic queues, advertising monitor, or interactive payment terminal. Touch kiosks are also set up for self check-in at the airport, in retail stores for product selection, as well as payment terminals. Interactive kiosks typically have a touch screen for data input, on-screen keyboard and other peripherals, among which credit card machines, bill acceptors, barcode scanners, receipt printers. Modern software facilitates the use of information kiosks not only to present products but also for displaying commercials on the display when no one is using it. The case of information kiosk can be issued according to the brand style to attract attention and branding of the company.

Interactive kiosks INKO of all sizes made of durable metal, and has a vandal-proof screens. Therefore, the application of mechanical damage and the appearance of traces of ill-treatment is practically impossible. Information kiosks series INKO can be safely used without security.

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Real photo information kiosks Dekart INKO

Information kiosks of our production worldwide. The geography of our sales include Asia, Europeu, America, Oceania. We want to share with you the photos sent to us by clients Dekart Digital: