DIPANEL Strong Digital signage displays

DIPANEL is a series of digital signage displays in vandal-resistant housing with strong protection of the screen. DIPANEL ad displays are ideal for use in transport and for indoor digital signage. In transport - as an information and advertising display in buses, trolleys, trams and railway carriages. DIPANEL for building looks great in the shop window, at the reception, and public areas. DIPANEL Digital signage displays are manufactured in metal enclosure with integrated advertising player that support video, slides and photos. This commercial display housing has a strict classic design, conveniently mounted on standard VESA brackets or special mounting for transport. The display turns on automatically and displays the video without pressing buttons or the remote control. It displays video from a removable SD card or USB memory stick. Remote Update option is available via the Internet with the built-in Android player or embedded computer based on Intel digital signage board (Wi-fi, 3G, LAN). DIPANEL Models are equipped with bright LED or IPS screens with excellent color reproduction and viewing angles. Built-in stereo speakers specially tuned to a loud and pleasant sound.

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DIPANEL Strong Digital signage displays

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7 inch Digital Signage advertising display DIPANEL-0700-BLK

Digital Signage Advertising display with 7 inch screen DIPANEL-0700-BLK is a compact TV for ads with embedded video player in a metal case. This vandal-proof display has a simple design, easy mounting, and works automatically around the clock or by schedule. DIPANEL-0700-BLK is used as a Digital Signage system for store shelves, beauty salons, entertainment centers. This advertising display is als..



10 inch Commercial display for advertising DIPANEL-1000-BLK

New vandal-proof advertising display DIPANEL-1000-BLK with 10 inch screen is the perfect solution for advertisement in a store window, at the front Desk, and in public areas. Digital signage display in a metal enclosure with an internal media player to display video, slides and photos. The housing has a classic design, conveniently attached to a standard VESA brackets, turns on automatically and d..



12 inch Digital advertising display DIPANEL-1200-BLK

12 inch Digital Signage display DIPANEL-1200-BLK is great solution for advertising in retail stores, in shop windows, and at the reception. Bright advertising screen shows a custom banner ads and video files with high resolution. This vandal-proof  advertising monitor has an aspect ratio of 4:3. There are all the necessary equipment for automatic operation integrated inside display – po..



15 inch Digital signage display DIPANEL-1500-BLK

Vandal-proof DIPANEL-1500-BLK Digital signage Display for advertising with 15 inch screen designed for indoor advertising - within the retail stores, near elevators, and on countertops of fast-food restaurants. Bright screen shows a custom banner ads and video files with high resolution. Digital advertising display has a built-in media player for advertising, a multifunctional remote control. Als..



17 inch Advertising LCD ad player DIPANEL-1700-BLK

17 inch Advertising LCD ad player DIPANEL-1700-BLK automatically plays the video clips and slide shows on a schedule. It is easily installed on a wall, desks and shelves near shopping centers and in stores. This 17 inch digital signage display is great for transport as advertising or information display for transit advertising like Route-TV, or Transport-TV. Built-in plug and play advertising pla..



19 inch Commercial advertising display DIPANEL-1850-BLK

Widescreen vandal-proof digital signage LCD player for displaying video and graphical slides in horizontal and vertical orientation. Compatible with SD / SDHC, MMC, and USB external memory. DIPANEL-1850-BLK commercial display have built-in Full HD media player, on/off timer, save statistics of impressions, adjustable transitions of slideshow – all features you need for digital signage in one..



22 inch vandal-proof Digital signage advertising display DIPANEL-2150-BLK

DIPANEL-2150-BLK Digital Signage display with vandal-proof 22 inch wide screen is often used for advertising in elevators, and in transport – buses and metro cars, as well as in shops on the walls and at the office. Large 22 inch screen shows promotional videos and slides, collects statistics of impressions (log file), puts the company logo on the video, turn on and off on a schedule. Remote..



24 inch Digital signage display DIPANEL-2350-BLK

Bright Digital Signage display with 24 inch vandal-proof screen shows promotional videos, informational messages, banners and entertaining video files in Full HD quality. DIPANEL-2350-BLK LCD advertising player is good for advertising in transport, near the elevators, as well as for digital signage systems in retail stores – at the counters, shelves with goods, and at the box office. It is r..



32 inch Advertising display for digital signage DIPANEL-3200-BLK

Advertising vandal-proof display DIPANEL-3200-BLK comes in a sturdy metal case with a glass or plastic screen protection. The monitor shows slides and photos in GIF/JPG/PNG images, videos AVI/MPG/MOV Full HD, as well as FLAC and MP3 audio. This became possible due to the internal Full HD media player. The advertising message on this “digital signage poster inch will be automatically displaye..



42 inch Digital advertising display 42" DIPANEL-4200-BLK

Big vandal-proof TV monitor in a stylish package DIPANEL-4200-BLK has a diagonal screen size of 42 inch with built-in flash advertising player for continuous display of promotional videos, slideshows and information messages. The display is covered a glossy tempered glass or polycarbonate to protect the screen from bumps and scratches. This info-screen is easy to clean, hard to scratch, so it is a..



55 inch Digital signage advertising display DIPANEL-5500-BLK

Digital Signage vandal-proof monitor DIPANEL-5500-BLK for commercial use is usually installed on railway stations, in airports, in offices and business centres around the world. It is reliable for day and night operation, contain advanced LED display with professional Digital Signage player, protected by a metal casing and glass. In addition to the player, you can connect an external video sources..



65 inch Commercial DS advertising display DIPANEL-6500-BLK

With an integrated professional advertising player, Advertising display DIPANEL-6500-BLK can synchronously show a hours of multimedia content with high definition up to Full HD and 4K (optionally). Digital Signage display DIPANEL-6500-BLK becomes the standard of design of new facilities, subway stations, as it allows you to display dynamic content without interruption, credits, and other shortcomi..



70 inch Digital signage commercial display DIPANEL-7000-BLK

Commercial display with large screen DIPANEL-7000-BLK and a built-in digital signage media player for large shopping malls, railway stations, metro stations and subways. Has a large LED screen with vandal-proof protection from bumps and scratches, built-in standalone media player or management system via the Internet. It turns on and off automatically on a schedule. Can be equipped with a comput..





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