Use modern interactive Dekart touchscreen tables for discussions and product presentations during negotiations in the office or at a business meeting. Interactive table made of glass and metal is often used for collaboration, as multiple partners may use the system to demonstrate their point of view using the touch screen 32 to 65 inches depending on the model.

Interactive tables are becoming increasingly popular on the market of equipment for presentations, offering a set of distinctive qualities in comparison with interactive kiosks and digital signage totems. Horizontal interactive table is convenient because multiple users can use the touch screen simulatniously, and it is possible to put a cup of coffee or tea on this table. Even if you spill a drink on the surface of the media table, nothing bad will happen. Most modern IPS or LED screen, and a fast built-in Android player or your Windows PC will show a complex interactive presentations, graphic files, and videos in the highest quality.

Interactive Table and Smart touch Desk

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GTAB-420 42 inch Interactive table based on Windows or Android

Dekart GTAB-420 interactive touch table with multi-touch screen is one of the bestsellers among Dekart digital touchscreen devices. The model is equipped with a protected IR touchscreen sensor, powerful built-in computer based on Intel and Android that expands the functionality of the touch table. The design of the GTAB-420 was developed by leading designers and constructors. En..



Interactive touch table Dekart INTAB-420

Dekart INTAB-420 interactive table is perfect for work at the exhibition, will entertain the waiting at the reception, will be indispensable in meeting rooms, entertainment center and recreation areas. INTAB-420 Touch table will be a loyal and trusted Executive assistant, will appeal to guests and will be a great tool for meetings. INTAB series tables are available with two high performan..



Interactive Tables and their purpose

Multi-touch tables with interactive features are becoming more and more popular at exhibitions, educational institutions, and government agencies. At exhibitions they are used together with interactive kiosks and digital posters to attract attention and create an innovative image, which leave the competitors far behind. Such a company's exhibition booth will be definitely noted for the modernity and effectiveness. Interactive tables are popular in educational institutions such as kindergartens, schools and institutions. Multi-user interactive tables organize team work and involving students in the lesson. Multi-touch LCD interface table recognizes up to 10 simultaneous touches and can be used in kindergartens and schools for interactive learning using shared tools and resources. Small groups can do their work and then unite with other groups to integrate small projects into one large case. Interactive tables are also useful for virtual table games, including games over the Internet, viewing photos, smart home control panels... and slicing the sausage. Sturdy tempered glass top can withstand any load on the media Desk.

The most reliable touch touchscreen table

Deakrt Digital always pays attention to the reliability and maintainability of the system. Therefore, on our multi-touch tables factory we use fault-tolerant platform based on Allwinner Android systems or Intel i3 or i7 processor (depending on model) with a modern solid state drive, and protection from static electricity. There is no restrictions of operation of the interactive table, so touchscreen table can be used round the clock: 24x7 365 days a year.

The casing is made of tempered glass and steel, powerful and strikingly beautiful.

Dekart tables are not shy with the size of the screen and justify the attention that they receive from the audience. Impressive and luxurious materials, large screen of 1080p HD high definition or UltraHD 4K quality. LCD screen of interactive tables is bright, high-contrast, equipped with the most advanced color system, and designed to attract and inspire. An important feature of Dekart interactive tables is a housing manufactured using safe and durable tempered glass and steel. Bright, attractive design of the touch table will delight with its adaptability and perfect the multi-touch functions. Fully functional table, designed for everyday use in your office, lobby or shopping Mall.

Connection to external devices is possible via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Ethernet port, USB port, microphone input, video output (DVI/HDMI) and audio ports.

Buy interactive table with touch screen at the best price

We supply interactive tables with touch screens all over the world. We guarantee high quality, and provide warranty and service. Our important advantage is low cost and high quality of touch screen tables. Our managers will find an interactive multi-touch table for your needs and offer best solution. Call or email us right now!