Motorized flip-down ceiling monitors for yachts and boats

Task: to Equip the new Maritime transport (boats and yachts) with modern waterproof bright TVs and displays

Solution: In 2015 a large manufacturer of boats and yachts sent us a request for monitors for cabins in Maritime transport. Flip-down motorized ceiling displays of Dekart Digital were selected for trial installations. After a year of testing the boat factory was completely satisfied with the quality and reliability of our marine displays and TVs, and selected them for installation on all their products. This month we got the first bulk order for 250 19" displays for installation in boats the first of which has already been sent to buyers. Our marine motorized flip-down marine displays are easy to install, save space, and motorized opening and closing of the screen to the ceiling was a big surprise for customers and guests of yachts and boats.

Used equipment: DVD player for transport Dekart, motorized ceiling monitors.

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