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Actualize your brand and upgrade décor with Dekart digital signage displays that are made to show you new way of doing business, so you can show new modern customer experiences! Digital signage is a form of electronic displays that shows advertising, promotions, text information, and other messages. LCD or LED Digital signage displays can be installed in shops, airports, hotels, restaurants, cafe, and other public areas for amplified consumer engagement and delight. Advertising displays are also popular in bus, taxi, and subway. This technology allows distribution and playback of content on remote displays, delivering the richest, most viewer-targeted campaigns in a highly accountable way.

Monitors, Touchscreen Kiosks & Video Racks, Payment Terminals & Interactive Tables

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7 inch 16:9 Digital advertising signage screen DISHINE-0701-BLK

7 inch digital signage screen for showing promotional videos and slideshows automatically activated at power-up. With scheduling, automatic repeat, and other useful functions. Promotional digital signage screen with aspect ratio 16:9 allows you to easily show normal JPG presentation slides, videos and photographs of this type. The combination of clear shapes, bright advertising display and black ..



8 inch 16:9 Digital advertising signage screen DISHINE-0801-BLK

8 inch digital signage signage screen is a simplified digital signage video display, which is installed on the table, on the wall or in the window. Can be installed vertically and horizontally. The proportion of the sides of the advertising screen signage screen is 16:9. LCD advertising player frame read files from a flash drive, and automatically show them when power connected. You only need to ..



10 inch 16:9 Digital advertising signage screen DISHINE-1011-BLK

DISHINE-1011-BLK - digital signage screen with bright advertising screen 10 inches 16:9. It provides all the benefits of advertising on electronic media - shows video, graphics, and plays the sound. Photo frame for digital signage can be easily installed anywhere, both vertically and horizontally. The combination of a pronounced rectangular shape, bright display, and a stylish glossy black frame g..



12 inch 16:9 Digital signage screen for advertising DISHINE-1201-BLK

What really distinguishes this electronic sign from other similar systems is a powerful built-in media player for advertising. It gives you the ability to play many formats of media files – the main of which are AVI, MPG, JPG, and MP3. The user simply takes any media file, copy it to a USB or SD flash drive and inserts it in this advertising digital frame. That's all you need to play the..



15 inch 16:9 Digital signage screen for advertising DISHINE-1561-BLK

15-inch digital signage screen DISHINE-1561-BLK for digital signage is a LCD advertising monitor with built-in digital signage player that shows video clips and graphic banners on the 15 inch screen with 4:3 aspect ratio. 15 inch DPF has a matte black case made of ABS plastic, meets all the requirements of elegance and classic design. The advertising display is covered with reliable acrylic glass ..



19 inch 16:9 Digital signage screen for advertising DISHINE-1851-BLK

Big advertising digital signage signage screen DISHINE-1851-BLK is a cheap analog of advertising monitor with advertising player, which is hung on the wall, is installed in the rack or vertical surface – a table, countertop, reception. 19-inch advertising video screen of DISHINE-1851-BLK includes everything you need to quickly create and display dynamic content of the video and graphical ba..



22 inch 16:9 Digital signage screen for advertising DISHINE-2151-BLK

Premium Design lets you install a large digital signage screen for advertising DISHINE-2151-BLK in a small shop or business center and high-end stores and hotels of premium and luxury class. Digital signage signage screen is equipped with a bright screen, built-in digital signage player that plays picture, video and audio information automatically and continuously in a circle.  19 inch Digit..



Dekart solutions for digital signage differ by operating conditions and ways to deliver the content. Most simple solution is "Digital signage screen" which automatically play video from it’s internal memory or external flash-card. Customer need to update media files in each signage screen with USB flash card. Multi-screen solutions for digital signage can be arranged into network using internal or external advertising media players with network support. In this case all screens can be managed via internet or local area network.

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