Bus displays for 175 party vans

Dekart Digital has produced a professional TV party for the small buses company. We produced custom ADBOX-320 TV for bus with a 32-inch screen with housing color similar to this party bus interior color. This system is aslo equipped and with active speakers.

Monitor for buses has a special secure mount for vehicles. It is much stronger than usual VESA for home TV. Display design for buses withstands dynamic loads and high vibration, because the display base is made of solid steel. This mount protects the LCD panel and the mainboard of the TV from deformation and cracks.
In these displays for vans we used high-resolution Samsung panel, resolution is 1920x1080, screen aspect ratio 16:9. It supports HDMI, color system NTSC, PAL. AV inputs: D-SUB, S-VIDEO, RGB, AV×1, AV×2, HDMI×2, IR transmitter for headphones remote control for the driver and passengers in the kit.

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