Use ADPLAYER-111HD universal advertising player for Digital Signage is simple and convenient. It supports all popular video formats up to Full HD (AVI, MPG, MKV), audio (WAV, MP3, FLAC), graphics (GIF,JPG,PNG). It does not require additional device to mount it – just connect advertising player, advertising screen, computer monitor, or TV with VGA, AV, or HDMI, and turn on the electricity. ADPLAYER-111HD start functioning when the power is turned on. When power supply is plugged in, it plays the content automatically in auto-repeat mode. Colorful advertising display content catches eyes with bright colors, and dynamic, Full HD high quality image. The videos are read from the SD memory card, SDHC, or USB flash. It is enough to replace in the player's memory card to update the video files and clips. It is possible to install the internal memory up to 8 GB, optionally. Please note that there is similar model of advertising player with remote control of content and playlists through the Internet.
This media player can be used for Digital Signage in the premises and as an advertising player in the transport as advertising player in bus, trolleybus, tram, train, subway, metro. Ease of use, reliability, and affordable price are the reasons that made ADPLAYER-111HD digital signage player one of the most popular players in Asia, Eastern Europe and USA.

ADPLAYER-111HD​AD Player functions list

Auto start playing video/photo/music without pushing buttons Yes
Internal on/off timer No
Loop play mode 24x7 (Endless auto-repeat) Yes
Automatic return to play mode after any power supply issue Yes
Time and date in the corner of screen No
Scrolling text No
Company logo in the corner of screen No
Volume timer No
USB hot update No
Log file (statistics) No

Digital signage player features

  • Plastic dust-proof housing
  • No any buttons on device
  • Low weight
  • No cooler and other moving parts
  • Anti-theft door protects against memory card theft
  • Multi-language OSD menu


  • USB flash
  • SD, SDHC flash card
  • VGA out
  • HDMI out
  • AV out
  • SPDIF sound out


  • Built-in memory by request

Specification ADPLAYER-111HD

Application Advertising player, Digital signage player
Housing material ABS Plastic
Video output VGA, HDMI, AV (CVBS), CVBS
Color Black (other by request)
Power input 110-250V / 5V
Power consumption 4W
OSD language English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Deutsche, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian ...
Internal memory No
Optional internal memory 2-32GB
Storage temperature -5...+45C (23...113F)
Operation temperature 0...+45C (32...113F)
Flash memory support SD, SDHC, USB flash, USB disk
Flash memory anti-theft -
Mount method Double sided tape, Plastic coupler, Bracket
Accessories Power supply, Remote Control, AV Cable, Manual
Media support
Video files AVI, MPG, VOB, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, M2TS, H264 (FullHD)
Picture files JPG, GIF, PNG FullHD
Audio files MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC
Size and Weight
Product size (mm) by request
Product weight (kg) by request
Carton size (mm) by request
Carton G.W. (kg) by request
Packing details by request